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"The next subject chosen after the development of the fur theme is that of the carpet, which is in many ways still connected to the previous processthough, the carpet pictures painted after 1999 already lack the primary atavismthey open a door to another civilization: to the East, while reserving the attraction to ready motifs and the touchable textures of condensed threads so different from the surface of paintings. Korodi at first tried to create the visual illusion of the structures by using thick layers of paint, composing almost three-dimensional textures. Within the “Carpet-series” the layers of paint later started to get thinner, and the dominance of the motifs over the illusion of the texture became apparent as he used the painting roll as a tool. After the joyous play of evoking fur patterns, the carpet-pictures reveal traces of other experiments in painting and that is why these pieces form a much less unified sequence. Some paintings represent whole carpets showing threads spread into the background of ground paint, (...) and some show only details of patterns or just traces of paint faintly suggesting actual carpets. Some pieces preserve the sensuality of the "Fur Pictures" or the vivid colors of real carpets; while others become almost monochrome, with only their texture showing the passion of their creation. The forced choice and the search for new ways are apparent in the "Carpet-series". Even the choice of subject and media tells the ambivalence: the freedom of imagination and the passion of creation are consciously let restricted by the given structure of motifs and the time-consuming detail work of carpet fabrication."

from the catalogue text by Tünde Topor / art historian, editor in chief ArtMagazin 

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