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​Janos was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1971, and has lived in Philadelphia since 2015.



​2014   Doctorate at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest

          Thesis: The spirit of place and its interferences with universal art / 

          axis mundi of Béla Veszelszky and James Turrell —read Abstract here

          discusses the theme of the Spirit of Place and its effects on the work of an artist.

2004−2005 Universitat für Angewandte Kunst, Wien, Austria,

         guest semester at the architect-faculty, class of Wolf D. Prix / Coop Himmelb(l)au

2002–2005 postgradual studies in Pécs University Art Department

1998  MFA at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts


2021   Light works Terminal, Létminimum Bázis, Budapest

2016  “Anonymous Landscape” Artworks Trenton, NJ

2014  “Speakeasy" – with Roland Horváth Neon Gallery, Budapest

2013   AJAMK, Budapest

2011   “Eternal Lingering”. Neon Gallery, Budapest

2010   Dumbo Arts Festival, Brooklyn, NY
2009 “Secret Reading". Viltin Gallery, Budapest
           Joensuu Art Museum, Finnland
2008  galleria U, Helsinki, Finnland
           Hungarian Cultural Institute, Tallin, Estonia
           ARTI08 – Den Haag, NL
2006  acb Gallery, Budapest
2003 “Periodic System”. Secco Gallery, Budapest
2002  Dorottya Gallery, Budapest
1999 “Selfspreading”. UFF Gallery, Budapest
1997  Subway, Budapest
1994  Tam-Tam, Budapest


2022   Passages: Arden Bendler Browning and Janos Korodi @ miniMAC (miniature Mount Airy Contemporary), Philadelphia, PA

2021   Hidden Threads - with Katee Boyle, Carlos Alejandro, Alex Griffin, Matt Nelson of N.E.thing_productions,

         Hot+Bed, Philadelphia, PA

         PASSENGER with Andras Szigeti at Hungarian Cultural Center İstanbul, Tr

         also included in Visegrad Cultural Program Series

         Hezarfen Film Gallery Architecture Center in İzmir, Tr

2019   Pattern Burst - Artsy Exclusive - InLiquid

          The Yard, Philadelphia

2018  "Motion Pictured" DVAA @ International House, Philadelphia, PA

        "International Variety, a works on paper" James Oliver Gallery, Philadelphia, PA 

        "Transformation as Perception" (with Ana Vizcarra Rankin and Bryant Girsch)

          curated by Eric Preisendanz @ Azavea, Philadelphia, PA

        "Outside In" (with Alice GonglewskiEli SmithKrista Dedrick LaiMárton Szabó) InLiquid Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

2016   America (with Christopher BrownJohn Y. Wind and Matthew Courtney) 

         @ The South Tower Gallery at Park Towne Place, Philadelphia, PA

2015  “Water/Color” Studio Montclair, Montclair, NJ

        “Art all Night” Trenton, NJ

2012   Wallspace Gallery, Los Angeles
2011  “Hybridity within the Carpathians” MODEM Centre for Modern and Contemporary Art, Debrecen
2010  Donumenta, Regensburg, Germany

2009  Accademia delle Accademie – Rome, Tempio di Adriano“ Spazi Aperti”. Romanian Accademy, Rome
2008  Gallery-fund project by 9 hungarian artists. “Budapest Erzsébet tér”. Gödör Klub, Budapest
           The Irokez-collection – Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
2007 “Uncutted version – Painterly positions”. Ernst-Museum, Budapest
2006 “SideMen”. Körzőgyár, Budapest (Csáky Donát Márk, Duronelly Balázs, Horváth Roland, Korodi János,

           Kotormán Norbert, Szabó Ákos, Szabó Márton)
2005  Wittgenstein-Haus, Wien (Csáky Donát Márk, Csepregi Balázs, Korodi János, Révész László László)
           Hungarian Kultural Institute, Bruxelles, Belgium Csáky Donát Márk, Mario Feretti
2004  IROKEZ-collection – Szombathely, 

           Hungarian Institute, Sofia
2003  Painting Biennal Väsby Konsthall. Infra Gallery, Stockholm
          “Bad Boys”. Műcsarnok Exhibition Hall, Budapest
2002 “Fresh”. Art-Mill, Szentendre
          “We choose yellow rather than bluish-white” with Luca Korodi. APA! Gallery, Budapest

          “It’s good everywhere, but the best at home”. MEO, Budapest
2001  KIO Gallery, BBS, Toldi (Szigeti A., Uglár Cs.)
          The Irokéz Collection – Műcsarnok Exhibition Hall, Budapest
          Hungarian Institute Moskow (Derkovits-scholarship members)
2000 “Rotation”. Várfok Gallery, Budapest
          Tóth Menyhért scholarship members. Cifrapalota, Kecskemét
          König Albrecht Haus, Leipzig
         “Dialogue” Painting on the Millenium. Műcsarnok Exhibition Hall, Budapest
1999 “Irregular Memory”. Exhibition Hall, Szombathely
          20th Century Box (with Szigeti András). UFF Gallery, Budapest
1997 “Slamasztika ’97” (with Ádám Kálmán). UFF Gallery, Budapest
1996  Zichy-castle, Óbuda, Budapest
         “K”- as Chimera. Exhibition Hall, Szombathely
1995  Újlak Exhibitionspace, Budapest. (Baranyai Levente, Uglár Csaba, Korodi János)
1994  Vajda Lajos Cave, Szentendre

Park Towne Place Museum District, permanent collection, Philadelphia, PA

Irokéz Collection, Szombathely
Ernst Museum, Budapest
Raiffeisen Bank, Budapest
Collection of Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Budapest


2010 Eötvös Grant of the Hungarian State – studio residency New York City, NY
2008 scholarship of the Hungarian Academy in Rome
1999–2001 Derkovits-scholarship of the state
1996 The scholarship of the “Tóth Menyhért Foundation” Kecskemét, Hungary


2023  Public Art Proposal // Janos Korodi reimagines Philadelphia’s rusty tanks as vessels of beauty and community // RQ Vol. 5 // Issue 2 // RUST // FALL 2023

2020  PROFILE // Mental States: For painter Janos Korodi, home—and freedom—are in the mind - ROOT QUARTERLY VOL. 2 // ISSUE 2 // FIGHT / FLIGHT / TEND &                       BEFRIEND
2013  “Color and How to Use It” by Marcie Cooperman, textbook, color theory ©Pearson Prentice Hall, 2013

2008  Paintings 1994–2008. Hungarian–English, 100p – 94 color plates ©Janos Korodi, 2008

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